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December 9th, 2010 | 9:33 pm

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Happy Ending

December 9th, 2009 | 9:29 pm

Well, Cheeky Cherry lovers, I did it. A happy ending in every which way. Get your mind out of the gutter. The story went a little something like this…

Girl met boy at a music show. Girl became infatuated with boy. Boy decided 7 years later that it would be fun to hang out with girl. They hung out and that was it- they were inseparable. This is the true story of Zack and I. He’s quite a lucky boy for having me hang around for 7 years for him. But I’m quite a lucky girl, too. I’m lucky because he has a very manly beard. It’s sexy, that beard of his.

Anyway…I digress.

We flew into New York City about two weeks ago. It was a much needed vacation for both of us. We had just launched our own line of tshirts and bags ( www.shultzilla.com – I’m fine with shameless self promotion) and we needed to unwind. We ate alot, shopped alot, was cold alot, walked alot…

One of my most favorite spots in the world is on the Brooklyn Bridge. Such a pretty view from the bridge! We walked to about the midway point and stopped to take our picture. As some random guy snapped pictures of us, Zack pulled out a ring, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

What a cheeky way to do it!

I, of course, said yes. How could I not? He’s the cheese to my macaroni (with red gravy on top!) I teared up a little, we hugged, kissed, laughed and finished our walk across the bridge over to Brooklyn where we went to Grimaldi’s.

I finally did it. Sarah Jessica Parker, I took my proposal story back. All these years, I’ve been so jealous of you every time I see the move “If Lucy Fell” and you bond with the love of your life on the bridge. That’s my story now. And Zack didn’t even make me do the spit test!

So cheeky readers, I’m afraid I’ll be out of dating dilemmas to blog about. But stay tuned for Cheeky Cherry’s Wedding Woes…because like it or not, here comes the bride.


October 19th, 2009 | 6:01 pm

Dear Future Husband:

To whomever or wherever you may be, this is what our wedding cake will look like. Any questions?


I Wish…

September 30th, 2009 | 8:01 pm

I wish I would have known about Kate Miller-Heidke before all of my exes requested to be my facebook friend. Instead of accepting, declining, or defriending…I just would have messaged them this url:

Thanks, Raf ;)


September 16th, 2009 | 6:59 pm

I arrived home at 6:30 in the a.m. Monday morning. I drove in from New Orleans. As I pulled into my regular parking spot, I noticed the grate that leads to the crawl space under my above-the-ground apartment had been kicked in. And given that it’s been raining and there are many homeless people that have been lurking around my hood who are known to sleep under the buildings, I of course get nervous about having a homeless person sleeping under my apartment. To ease my qualms, I think to myself…Okay, how should I deal with this?

Then I recall that this is not the first time a homeless person has invaded my space…

A few years back, I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes, looking out the window admiring the golf course that had just reopened across the street. Dusty was asleep on the couch. Omar was in the back yard setting up the coals so we could grill dinner. As I stared dreamily out the window, a figure walked from the street, up our driveway, under the carport and into the backyard. I had never seen this person before, but thought maybe it was Dusty or Omar’s old friend or maybe a neighbor I had never met.

But I felt uneasy.

The lady was dressed kind of drabby…not that I have the best fashion sense, but her clothes were dirty and her hair was pretty scraggly.

I turn the water faucet off, dry my hands, and gently tapped Dusty on the shoulder to wake him. He wakes and asks what’s up. I couldn’t quite put into words what I thought was going on and I didn’t want to offend Dusty if this stranger were in fact one of his friends. So I said…”I just saw…I dunno…is that your friend [Omar] is…” and then I pointed out the window behind Dusty. As soon as he saw Omar talking to this person whom at this point I am fully certain does not belong in the backyard, Dusty jumps up and runs out the front door and starts to walk around to the backyard.

As he does that, Omar and Strange Lady are walking back to the front. Dusty questions what was going on. And Strange Lady replies, “I’ll be honest with ya, I’m positive. And I need money to take the bus to the clinic.” Noticing that her lips were a whitish color, Dusty told her that he didn’t have any money, but that he’d drive her over to the clinic. She refused a ride, but kept pressing for money. Finally Omar said, “We don’t have any money, but I can give you a Coke.”

She took the Coke and went on her merry way…right down the street where she stopped a mom with a van full of kids and asked them for money.

That night, Omar and Dusty gave me a lesson on how to tell if a person is a friend of theirs or not. And they got a good laugh after the fact about me thinking that was ‘a friend’.

Brunch Crunch Part 2

September 1st, 2009 | 7:49 pm

So I took my brother to dinner for his birthday tonight. It was fun as always.

I told him how Zack wanted to invite all of the exes to our wedding. And he totally understood where I was coming from. Which makes me know I’m not crazy because my brother is one of the people that I trust most to tell me I’m being over dramatic…if I were in fact being over dramatic. Later into the conversation I was telling my bro that Zack has alot of friends that he wants to ask to stand in a wedding while I only have a handful. Greg suggested we ask Zack’s exes to be fill ins.

I really appreciate his sense of humor.

Brunch Crunch

August 31st, 2009 | 8:51 pm

For the first few months that Zack and I dated, it seemed like every where we went, we ran into someone he had dated. Which is totally fine because I know that I’m with him and he’s with me now. I got into the habit of every time he mentioned a girl, I would jokingly say something about him having dated whomever it may be. 96.7% of the time it was true. He’s dated *lots* of girls.

So this one particular night, he tells me I’m jealous. Jealous of his ex girlfriends? Really? I’m signing up for Tai Chi with one of his ex girlfriends simply because I enjoy her company and he tells me I’m jealous. Hmph. Interesting. So we agree to let bygones be bygones…I had to promise to quit annoying him with my little jokes about every girl we ran into. Fine. Whatever.

Fast forward to a few days later. We’re sitting at brunch with Marga (my BFF) and Bryan (Z’s BFF). For some reason we were on the topic of one of the many girls Zack has dated and Bryan said something to the effect of how Zack had dated lots of girls. And of course, that was my moment of glory.

Zack had been pissed off at me for merely stating a fact and now Bryan, whom has known Zack since highschool, was only proving that fact to be even more true. Personal victory. It was great.

So now that the ice was broken, Zack began to freely talk about how he was still friends with several of his exes. And even went as far to say that several of them would be invited to our wedding. That’s right, he wants to invite several of his ex girlfriends to OUR wedding. Our wedding should be about our relationship and the people who share in that with us. Not about his past relationships. That’s just wrong in so many ways. And he does not see that. It’s one thing to invite one ex. But a whole slew of them?! If I leave it up to him, our whole guest list would consist of nothing but his exes. Sorry, mom and dad, no room for you…Zack has given away your seat to one of his ex girlfriends. Not that we’re engaged. Our wedding is just a topic that has been thrown around…a bit.

I understand that along with being a rockstar comes lots of girls. But really, do they have to come along to our wedding?

This folks is one dating dilemma I have yet to solve. Feel free to offer your advice…or tell me if I’m crazy for thinking it’s odd for Zack to invite his exes to our special day-should it come.

Pull the Plug

August 24th, 2009 | 7:14 pm

When I moved out of Omar’s house, aside from feeling like a wrecking ball had just pounded my heart into the ground, I knew I had responsibilities to take care of. Like canceling the cable and internet so it would no longer be charged to my credit card. I called Cox within a week of moving out.

Three months later, I was talking to Omar and he thanks me for not having the cable turned off on him. And I’m like woah, woah, woah- hold up. What do you mean “thanks for not having the cable turned off on me?” Omar goes on to say that there had never been an interruption in the cable.

That pretty much enraged me. I had been heartbroken and homeless and Cox couldn’t even as much as turn the cable off.

Well…the next day, I was still pretty bitter about Cox screwing me over so badly. I mean, really…he was getting free cable for three months! I grabbed my phone and punched in Cox’s number.

A guy answered. I asked…how long does it take you to shut off cable from a house when someone cancels. He said, “about a week or so.” So I explained to him that I had canceled my cable awhile back but it was still on. He asked me several questions; I answered them. Then he asked what was my reasoning for calling to cancel since my ‘friend’ still lived there.

And I replied with , “He broke my heart.” Nothing more needed to be said on my part. The guy on the other end said, “Yes ma’am, we’ll get that taken care of right away.”

Maybe two or three days later, Omar called to check in on me because that’s how he rolled. We chatted for a few minutes and then he busts out with, “Dude, they finally decided to cut the cable off.”

I simply replied with, “Really? What a bunch of Cox!”


August 17th, 2009 | 7:15 pm

A few weeks ago, I went with Zack and his family to Arkansas for a little getaway. It was a blast. I’m growing more and more accustomed to becoming one with nature while hanging out with Zack. We were riding in the boat one day…the whole family. I was sitting towards the back of the boat. Zack was standing close by. The sun was beating down on us; the wind was slapping us in the face. It was great.

As I began to say something to Zack’s older cousin, I heard a loud pop. I immediately looked down at my chest – and yes- the plastic piece holding my bathing suit together broke. And left me exposed for all to see. I of course started yelling for Zack to grab my shirt, which he did. And as he handed it to me, he asked with a quizzical expression, “How do you plan on going swimming now?!”…as if I had planned to bust out of my bathing suit.

She's My Cherry Pie

July 30th, 2009 | 8:44 pm

Thanksgiving a few years back was fun. My mom and dad has just remodeled their living room and got new furniture, including a new, very lovely sofa. We all ate Thanksgiving dinner. What follows dinner on my favorite Thursday of the year?

Dessert. Cherry pie.

Ben and I were dating at the time. I fixed him and myself a large slice of pie and brought it to him in the living room. I jokingly hassled him about making sure he didn’t get anything on my mom’s new couch. And when I say hasseled, I mean I didn’t let up. I told him my mom would be soo irate if he as much as dropped a crumb, which was not true…I just wanted him to think that. We were all laughing and having a good time. I went to get up to get another glass of milk…

And my freaking piece of cherry pie plopped right on to my mom and dad’s 2 week old couch.

A hush fell over the whole room for what seemed like eternity. And then everyone bust out laughing and yelled for my mom to come see her lovely cherry-stained couch.

I guess that’s what I get for poking fun at him.

I posted this particular story to pay homage to my dear friend Ben Brown. This is the only time I will post any real names.
EBRSO is looking for 28-year-old accountant Benjamin Brown who was last seen on surveillance entering his office at 8550 United Plaza Blvd. Wednesday morning at 5:20 a.m..

The surveillance does not show Brown leaving the building. His car was found at his office, with no signs of forced entry or any suspicious activity. Detectives also located his personal belongings inside Brown’s office. According to one of Brown’s professor’s Brown did not show up for his class that afternoon.

Detectives did a systematic floor-to-floor search of the building and its grounds to no avail. Detectives have also checked with all area hospitals in an attempt to locate Brown. Detectives also tried to locate Brown on his cell phone, but there was no answer.

Brown is a white male, 5’7″ in height and approximately 170 lbs.

Anyone with information as to Brown’s whereabouts is asked to contact the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office at 225-389-5000, or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at (225) 344- STOP or (225) 344-7867.